Torres Rule Summary

These rules cover the "Master Version" variant of Torres, which is the rule set used in Torres 3D.  Just re-printing this summary is probably infringing on several copyrights.

Terminology & Basic Facts

Initial Placement of the Castles

Starting with the first player, each player places a block on the board.  The blocks must be more than 2 spaces away from another block.  (All spacing in Torres is orthogonal, not diagonal.)  After 8 blocks have been placed, each player places a Kn piece.  Finally, the King piece is played.

Playing the Game

Torres is played over three phases.  At the end of each phase the players' positions are scored.  The first phase lasts four rounds.  Each of the second and third phases lasts for three rounds (except in a two player game when all three phases are four rounds).  Play order starts clockwise, but generally proceeds from the highest scorer to the lowest scorer.

At the start of the first phase, each player gets 10 Action Cards which will be described in more detail later.

At this time, a random Master Card is drawn.  This will affect the scoring portion of the game.

Tower Block Distribution

Before each phase, each player gets a stack of cards from the common supply.  These are shown in the upper middle portion of the screen in the Torres 3D interface.

A Player's Turn

On a player's turn, he has 5 action points (APs) to spend.  Following is the options, costs, and frequency of use per turn.


When all stacks (Rounds) are played, the phase ends. 

At the end of each phase, the players score their knights positions (as described in the Terminology & Basic Facts section).

After all castle positions are scored, the King's Bonus is scored.  This can only be scored once.

If appropriate, the Master Card is scored.  Read the bottom right corner of the screen to determine the current Master Card scoring rules.

After scoring, the player who has the lowest score moves the king.  The king may be replaced in the same spot or moved to the convenience of the lowest scoring player.

Action Card Descriptions

Following are the 10 Action Cards and the rules of using them.