These instructions will teach you how to get to the various games and other options in Fast Arcade.

Download the game (save it to your desktop), and run the setup program.

See the game list.

Run the program from the icon on your desktop (if you installed one), or run the program from the "Start Menu".

This is the screen you will see when you run the program. It contains 6 Category buttons.
(1) Card & Dice
(2) Point Risk
(3) Puzzle
(4) Strategy
(5) Word & Quiz
(6) Options & Exit Button
OVERVIEW: All games are meant to be played in 2 to 5 minutes (and have timers to enforce it). As you play games, you will get points. These points can be spent in games in the Point Risk Category. Card & Dice games are solitaire games, completely random and with only a few decision to make at any given time. Puzzle games typically have no winning conditions, but instead have logic elements that get harder over time. Strategy games consist of games that involve logic and have an element of difficult decisions or complex calculations. Word & Quiz games involve memory and general knowledge.
This is the screen you will see when you click on Options & Exit Button.
(1) Toggle Fullscreen
(2) Close Options
(3) Get Games & Updates
(4) Exit Program
Toggle Fullscreen switches the game from running in a window to taking up the full screen and back. Close Options will close this dialog and take you back to the Categories Sceren. Get Games & Updates will access the internet to see if any bug fixes or new games have been uploaded. If so, they are downloaded. Exit Program will exit you back to Windows.
This is the screen you will see when you click on any Category button. If there are more than 6 games within a Category, there will be a button that says "Go To Page (2, 3, ...)". Click on this to see the other games. If you want to go back to the Category buttons, press the "CATEGORIES" button located to the left of the 6 buttons.
The number at the bottom right-hand side of the button (which starts at 25) is the number of points you will get for playing the game. This number gets smaller the more times the game is played and larger the less it is played. The first time you ever play a game will also get 25 more points. If you get onto the Top 10 List, you will get 75 more points.
After you click on any Game button, you'll be taken to this screen. There are a few areas to notice.
(1) TOP-RIGHT - "PLAY AS:". If you are logged in, this will show your name, otherwise you can always play as a guest (not recommended, though). Press on your name or "GUEST" to start playing the game.
(2) MIDDLE-LEFT - "LOGIN/CREATE". Press this to add your (nick)name to the system. You will earn points with your account.
(3) MIDDLE-LEFT - "HOW TO PLAY". Instructions on playing this specific game.
(6) BOTTOM-RIGHT - "MAIN MENU". Goes back to Category buttons.
If your name isn't displayed under the "PLAY AS:" label, it is highly recommended that you press the "LOGIN/CREATE" button at this time.
On the right is a list of accounts that have already been created. You can click on your name and then the LOGIN button that appears. Also, you can type in your name and press the CREATE? button that appears.

These games were all designed with a touchscreen system in mind. If you wish to run these games using a touchscreen, I highly recommend GVISION P15BX-AB-459G Black 15" LCD Touchscreen Monitor which you can get at It meets all requirements, allows for pressure reading (allowing the user to use a Q-Tip if necessary), and has built-in speakers.
At a minimum you need a monitor that has a native (recommended) resolution of 1024x768. This monitor will have to be attached to a computer or laptop. The games then should be run at fullscreen (see OPTIONS above). Finally, you can press [F5] and [F6] to toggle between showing a mouse cursor and turning if off. (A fullscreen, touch application looks better without a cursor.)