My Computer Games and Puzzles!

Fast Arcade
View the meta-instructions and download the game. See the game list.
The game works with just the mouse which makes it ideal for touchscreen systems. An in-game system allows you to download any bug fixes and new games that are created over time.

Sparks! 4
Get the Version 1.0!
I recommend playing the "Training" level while not hiding the help. The in-game instructions change at various points in the game.
High Scores

Land Bridges
Get the Version 1.0!
Basic and instructions are available in the game by pressing [F1]. For learning the game, an Artifical Intelligence opponent of Difficulty 1 is best.
Hall of Fame

Sid Sackson's Bowling Solitaire and Solitaire Dice
Get Version 1.01!
Run the executable in Windows to install the game.
Basic instructions are available in the game by pressing [F1]. Check boxes with "Help Bubbles" are now in each game. Use these to learn how to play!
View the online instructions for better and more graphical instructions.
Bowling High Score Table.
Dice High Score Table.

Path Solitaire
Get Version 1.0! Has a solitaire feel.
Get Version 2.0! Is a fast-paced game.
See the Path High Score Table!
See the PathV2 High Score Table!

View the instructions for more information on both versions of the game.

Hide and Go Seek
How To Play BSI's Hide and Go Seek.
Game is fully playable if you have 3 human players. Download and enjoy! AI Players will be in version 1.0.
Get the 0.99 beta version!

Scheduling Frenzy (v.1.00)
There are simple instructions if you click on "Rules" once you in the game.
Look here for more detailed instructions.

Fog of War Chess (v.1.01)

Read the game instructions here.

SPARKS 3! (v.1.03)

Click Here For Game Instructions.
Click Here For Source Code and Media.

Torres 3D Computer Game (v.1.86)

A computer version of the popular board game Torres published in America by Rio Grande Games. This latest version was released on 21 July 2004.
(v.1.83) Use '/help' to view the "slash" commands.
You can now play voices using the '/voice' command!
(v.1.86) Significantly improved graphics. Because this game was written before I knew about frame limited animation, this game runs a tiny bit slower than my previous version.

Click here to see the Torres Hall of Fame.
Click here to learn how to use the interface. Last updated 30 June 2003.
Click here to learn how to play the game.
So you have computers behind a firewall, eh? Click here to see how to play against people outside of the firewall.

Tanbo Computer Game (v.1.07b) My beta version of the strategy game Tanbo!

(v.1.07b) Use the 'h' key to remove some unnecessary details. If your game is running slow, try this key. If it still is slow, PLEASE EMAIL ME! (v.1.06b) Adjusted the lights to be a bit bluer. Added a prototype connection interface. Let me know what you think! Still no chat... use an IM for now. Download Torres3D.exe to your desktop. Once downloaded, run the program. It will ask to extract to a directory called "Tanbo3D". Just say OK (unless you really want it somewhere else). Inside should be the "Tanbo.exe" and two directories: "media" and "interface". Run "Tanbo.exe" to play!

The game starts up very similarly to Torres if you want to read the first 10 lines or so of the Torres Interface Instructions. After the game starts, press [F1] to get instructions. Remember that you need 2 players to play the game. To read the rules outside of the game (or challenge people online), visit Mark Steere's website.

Below are programs written in Java and delivered through Java Web Start. If you don't have Java Web Start installed on your computer, go to Sun's Web Site to get a runtime environment (a separate window will appear). Click on "Download J2SE v.1.4.x Now!" (or whatever the latest version is), then click on the JRE column on the row that says "Windows (U.S. English only)". Following their instructions for download. Install the JRE (which includes Web Start). Then you can download my games.

If you have any problems, please contact me at Thanks!


Spark Series: Spark Spark 2: Revenge of the Sparkies!

Sensor Flight: Sensor2: ST

Basic Rules For S2:ST - Get with 5 meters of an target only knowing your distance from it. Use the command 'exit' to quit. Use the command 'go' to start the simulator. Set your speed with 'speed <#>' where <#> is any number from 0.5 to infinity. Set your heading with 'head <#>' where <#> is any number that is your degrees from north (0 is north, 90 is east, and so on). You can use negative degrees. You turn 10 degrees per second max. You can accelerate 0.2 meters per second per second. Advanced Rules For S2:ST - Use '+<#>' or '-<#>' to add or subtract from your heading. Use 'gyro' to stop your current spinning. Use 'norm' to fix your heading from -180 to 180 degrees. Once you've hit all of the targets, use the command 'cont' to go the next level. If a target's distance looks like '###.# (#.#)', the number if parenthesis means that the target is moving at the given rate. GOOD LUCK!